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Name: Jax
Age: 18
Birthday: August 29th
Likes: text messages, angering the masses, pretending to be judgemental
Dislikes: snobs, self proclaimed "heart-throbs", mobs without a cause
Strong points: Vocalizing opinions and expressing emotions through the eyes
Weak points: I laugh at inappropriate times
Goals in life: To get something published that I put all my heart into.
Personality traits: Quiet until provoked, fundementally flawed?
Pet Peeves: Damp towels, wet floors, inconsiderate language, thoughtlessness
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic!

Hobbies: People watching, reading, writing, surfing Livejournal... damn, I'm a LJ whore...
Talents: Lying, dealing with disappointment, putting up a brave front
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite animal: Anything with three legs
Favorite Food: Strawberry ice cream and coffee

Who is your favorite character in Kenshin?: um... Kaoru I guess. She's so funny and character-developed!

Anything else you would like to say?: Sure. BoogieWoogie. 'Kay done.

Post one or more pictures here.. USE A LJ CUT!!
Don't even ask what the hell I was talking about... something exciting to be sure.
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You're like...a hybrid of Yahiko and Sagara Souzou.
I say Yahiko ^-^
Hahaha, I'll say Yahiko in regards to your talents.
Yahiko Definitly him.