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Battousai is dead.

Name: You may call me Dee.
Age: Five years shy of Twenty.
Birthday: I'm a libra on the eight.

Likes: Anime, Art, BDSM, Bl, brooding, critisizing, crossdressing, dir en grey, drawing, eating, hiiro yuki, internet, j-rock, Fantasy, Kaori Yuki, kazuya minekura, Lemons, maki murukami, Manga, Murder, Music, painting, reading, road kill, rping, school boys, seki tomokazu, sharp pointy things, Shota, sulking, turtles, ukes, Visual Kei, watching tv, white haired bishounen, writing, yamato nase & Yaoi & yuri.
Dislikes: Any form of close-mindedness, bigotry and racism, Dub, CERTAIN fangirls, conformity, het, horrible grammar, Mary Sues, OC's in fics, ppl hu typ leik dis, people who think we're too old to be watching anime, Pop, & Posers
Strong points: Striking fear in peoples hearts, Computer related things Drawing, English, Grammar, History, Literature, Mythology, speaking, Strange things people normally don't care about & Writing
Weak points: Tagalog, my own native language.
Goals in life: To be remembered by absolutely everyone, and I don't care how.
Personality traits: Enigmatic. Never the same.
Pet Peeves: About the same as my dislikes. I have a relatively short temper.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: There is no difference between the two, I believe. Just the names.

Hobbies: Acting, Cosplaying, Drawing, Making anime-related graphics, Otakuing, Plotting my revenge on anyone and every one, Reading,RPing, Singing, Surfung, & Writing,
Talents: Around the same as my hobbies. I don't do things I'm not good at.
Favorite color: Grey. The most diverse color there is.
Favorite animal: Turtles. Underestimated. THey're too good to be mere house pets.
Favorite food: Chickens. I could care less about bird flu.

Who is your favorite character in Kenshin?:
The question sounds weird. But it's Soujiro Seta or Souji Okita.

Anything else you would like to say?:



Did we need pictures?

If so, why not just look here and here.
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