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Name: Tristan
Likes:food, sleep, running around the house naked (if im THAT bored), anime, manga, people who knows how my brain work,open mindedness,
Dislikes: my research 11 teacher (stupid guy), underestimating people, veggies, studying, homework, projects, pastel colors..
Strong points:laughter
Weak points:shyness (wtf?)
Goals in life: i just wanna pass college and work.. >.<
Personality traits:im shy(??), loud at times(fine most of the time), and really hyper.. n_n
Pet Peeves:stupid, annoying children
Optimistic or Pessimistic?:pessimistic

Hobbies:watching/reading anime, bum around, sleep, lounge at the sofa for the entire day.. basically im lazy.. O.o
Talents:jack-of-all-trades.. i can do almost anything..
Favorite color:blue, black any dark shade..
Favorite animal: a dog that looks like a kangaroo.. (?_?)
Favorite Food:anything, as long as its edible and its food..

Who is your favorite character in Kenshin?: sanosuke.. tomoe

Anything else you would like to say?: since i dont have a picture, ill just describe meshelf.. im a bum,im lazy and i dont do anything aside from sleepingand eating.. i have black, spiky hair and black eyes.. that's basically it.. and also, kaoru must die, tomoe is wa~~~ay better than kaoru and kenshin must be more evil..
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