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Battosai is smexy >3

Please rate me... or feel the wrath of my Gatotsu! ^__^

Name: Alas
Age: 20 [21 this May! :3]
Birthday: May.14.1985
Likes: Anime, Manga, Fanfiction, web graphics designing, purses, Thai soap operas (lakorns), Japanese music, Thai music, Josh Groban, small trinkets, turtles, kiwi, penguins, acting, singing, dancing, cooking. I'm a sucker for sad stories. (Ex: Hajime and Tokio by Angrybee. You would have to be hartless if you weren;'t even a bit moved by this masterpiece of a story!! Please, please, please go and check it out!!)
Dislikes: Bugs, heat, sun, pulling weeds, being without the internet, being betrayed, being embarrassed in front of people.
Strong points: Loyal beyond comprehension, very creative, dependable, flexible, compassionate and apathetic, dream oriented
Weak points: Stubborn beyond words, prideful beyond sensibility, dramatic beyond comparison, not very goal oriented, emotionally fragile, lazy, low self-esteem
Goals in life: I would love to be a screenplay writer, actress, or casting director. But, most likely, I'll end up being a pediatric nurse with a part time job as a cafe singer and a full time housewife.
Personality traits: Creative, Loyal, Prideful. I would consider myself mature to most aspects. I would consider myself a leader who knows when to be a follower. And my energy level is about medium if I'm not inspired.
Pet Peeves: People who call me Taiwanese when I'm actually Thai (Thailand). Immature and ignorant people. Crazy Christian fanatics who want to do nothing but try to convert me... please go away... you're scaring me... T_____T (I'm sorry if I offended anyone...)
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic to the point where I can still be safe and alive.

Hobbies: Web graphics designing, acting, singing, dancing, cooking, sleeping
Talents: I'm a master at story telling. (lol) I like cooking. I make pretty good web graphics. I love to write. I'm a pretty good actress and I can sing to a certain degree.
Favorite color: Deep green and silver/white
Favorite animal: Kiwis! They are the most coolest animals ever! I wanna have one... and I'll name him Kon! Bwahaha! XD
Favorite Food: I like sandwiches and well as noodles. My most favorite meat is fish and shrimp. I enjoy ice cream, which is my favorite dessert, along side with cheesecake. I enjoy my mother’s Thai and Chinese food as well as Italian food (when I am indulging). :3 I love frozen CapriSun... AND eggs! Oh! And anything lemon flavored! YUUUMMM! ^_~

Who is your favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin?: I would have to say... Saitou Hajime. He's so intelligent and witty. Yea, I was never a fan of people who smoke BUT for him... he just makes it looks so sexy! XD I guess I just see a little bit of me in him. Calculating, smart, blunt, undeniably loyal to our ideals. We regret nothing and live our lives to the fullest with no fear of death.

Anything else you would like to say?: I don't trust people as much as I want to and I feel like the whole world is out to embarrass me! +_+ I know this is bad but I'm slowly starting to open up... I want to be able to make friends and learn to trust again. It's funny that I'm actually only attracted to intelligent guys... By the way, have I mentioned that I'm random? Sleep well all...! I love lemon... everything!
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