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(I was uzu_naru_red but I deleted the account)

Name: Ellie, Yuki
Age: 13 ^^
Birthday: may 3rd
Likes: movies, reading, writing, good conversations.
Dislikes: Annoying people, stupid things, people who try to tell me what to do.
Strong points: I I'm trustworthy and a good friend?
Weak points: I'm easily tempted
Goals in life: to do what I want, when I want and how I want.
Personality traits: mature, intelligent, quiet but very loud when I want to be...can be selfish, do anything for any body, TOO trusty of other people.
Pet Peeves: Things that are annoying, annoying people, gods they are so annoying! (that's everyone unless I really like you)
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: I'd say optimistic, but I can be very pessimistic

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, being on my own, having fun.
Talents: Drawing, writing.
Favorite color: red, colour of passion and black, colour of darkness. I love both.
Favorite animal: A white tiger and snow leopard, beautiful creatures.
Favorite Food: Don't have one, probably Chinese though.

Who is your favorite character in Kenshin?: Umm probably Battousai.

Anything else you would like to say?: Nope, but here's a pic ladies and gentlemen ;)

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