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Name: Amanda
Age: 15
Birthday: January 7
Likes: anime, manga, most music, kitties!, good vampire and detective novels, Chinese food, and I've currently got a craving for ice cream. >.<
Dislikes: people who annoy or try to impress me, spicy food, pink, preppy-ness, narrow-minded people, anyone who mistreats one of my friends, and last but not least, BAD DUBBING!
Strong points: I'm told that I'm a good friend and listener, who gives good advice. I do my best to be patient when necessary, even if it doesn't always work out. I'm also very good in school when I'm not being lazy.
Weak points: Obviousy, I'm very lazy and I hate doing anything that requires actual work. I can be quick to argue at times, especially when defending a friend, though I try not to be. I have a lot of trouble talking to new people, and sometimes people I've known for years when it's a personal topic. As a result, I tend to bottle up my feelings, which can be quite messy in the end. Calm almost to a fault.
Goals in life: My dream is to a novelist, even though I know my habit of procrastinating would probably end up with me getting almost nothing done.
Personality traits: Umm... haven't I already answered this?
Pet Peeves: My lousy wireless connection going out, people hitting on me, my pictures not working when I know I did the code right!
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: ...Depends, really. My first instinct was to put optimistic, but considering how little faith I have in the future of mankind, I'm not sure that's the best answer...

Hobbies: Quizzes and surveys like this one, being obsessed with anime/manga, listening to and playing music, occasional pic editing, horseback riding, hanging out with friends, and, once in a blue moon, writing fanfiction (No one ever reads it. It's discouraging.).
Talents: Singing and playing cello. I used to play the piano, and I'm told I was good at that too. My writing is also apparently a talent, but if that's true, why doesn't anyone read it?
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite animal: Kitties!
Favorite Food: No specific favorite, but I love almost anything Chinese, and I currently have a craving for ice cream...

Who is your favorite character in Kenshin?: Sanosuke, but not for any particular reason. Something about him struck me from the first time he appeared on the screen, and he's been my favorite ever since.

Anything else you would like to say?: Just that almost everything I've said so far goes completely out the window at cons. I lose my self-control completely and basically spend the entire weekend being a hyper spaz.

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